About Us

world class product quality....

East Asia Professional

East Asia has transformed itself successfully from manual photofinishing shop since 1979 to a multi million investment service provider in advertising display business, with meticulous production, people as well as technology, supported by retail distribution outlets in Central and Wanchai, and plant in Chaiwan. 

We have to focus, innovate....while we are pleasing the customer.

We are committed to meet and exceed expectations, also the unique requirement of our customers, so as to achieve distinctive differentiation in the competitive marketplace.

Customer recognition and encouragement drives us to maintain our momentum, also brings along steady growth in market share in Hong Kong, Macau, China and other overseas countries.

Vigorous Strides to Excel....

Our products and services come from unsurpassed experience, ranging from design, inkjet print, photofinishing laboratory and installation. We have well trained teams to meet customer needs. We manufacture huge mural banners or even small passport size photos.

We understand what customers want and their behavior in the vulnerable Business environment, so we provide total solution as an one-stop service vendor, not just display visualized, but also supporting structures and project management.