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East Asia is going to introduce the most updated and the best Inkjet sticker machinery Turbo Jet 

East Asia will also introduce the new machines such as NUR Expedio Revolution (UV Ink) & Gandi JetI (Double Sided Printing) for mural banners and posters in order to provide the best quality product and service to our customers.

East Asia is innovative and creative, to meet every customers' needs


Distinctive display brings excitement.... 

Distinctive display brings excitement.... 

A variety of legendary applications confidently demonstrates the endorsement of commercial values. 

Prestigious illumination opens up a new horizon for displays and billboards.

Strategy links with best practice in creativity, environment and solution, spearheading the unique achievement in sales campaign of corporates.

Displays in windows and body of vehicles maximize visibility.

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To help companies reduce expenditure in producing photos, banners and duratrans in the existing slow economy, we offer attractive discounts and value of sound project management. Please give us a call or send your enquiry by email (